swap magic patch or memory card save thing


8 December 2005
anyone help me...i want the new teams and kits...but to do it using swap magic ransfer thingy? anyone no wot i need and how to do it etc?


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21 February 2003
Ummm it depends what you exactly want.

If you want an updated option file then you need a Max Drive.

If you watch entire game patches then you need to mod your PS2 and get Swap Magic disks, and also have the capability to create and burn images of your PES5 DVD.
7 August 2004
you can also update your optionfile via cd with swapmagic. Thats how i do it as i dont have a maxdrive.

See here:

Its easy enough, even moreso when bin/cue files are made in the editing/optionfile section ( burn/ load swapmagic/insert cd with memoryfile/ press a few buttons and then load game with optionfile)

I burn the iso files with dvddecrypter on dvd+r. However it depends on the ps2 as a lot here find dvd-r better(media quality).
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