Takeshi's Castle


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28 August 2002
Yeah I've seen it a few times, it is pretty amusing. Although it does get repetative after a while. I don't know the name of the game but I like the one where they run through the paper doors, yet one (maybe more) of the doors is solid :D


28 June 2002
Henley, Oxfordshire
Hi pro evo, i swear ive seen someone win it once mate, they didnt actually receive anything though. IMO the showdown is a bit of a let down and not really in keeping with the other games.

Hi reactor, i think there are 2 versions of that game - the one at the start with 100 people and another later on. Totally agree, its hilarious as some of the chaps there fancy themselves as macho menand run full pelt at the doors only to bounce back with shattered spines! the wazzocks.



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1 October 2003
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I dont think anyone has ever won it.
But I dont think anyone is supposed to win.
This game was made to hurt you.


There have been a few winners, I've seen 2 myself (there is also one where craig says there are no winners but there is). Very very rare to see though cos there's so many episodes. I heard they got the equivalent in yen of about £1,000 if they won. Doesn't seem much for going through all that!


I think £1,000 is decent for going through a fun competition like takeshi's castle. I would love to have all those games in my back garden and invite all friends round to compete with.

I agree the show is funny but can get repetative after watching. Anyone seen that cool black ninja guy do brigde ball?


19 December 2002
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the_thing said:
MXC - Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, but im still wondering where the E for elimination is...
Oops yeah thats it, forgot what it was. Very funny commentator even though its all made up.


yeah i've been watching them for the last year or so here on Bravo (cable television). absolutely hilarious stuff. watching crazy japanese people punch the air in excitement then launch themself hideously into some obstacle never fails to amuse. the one when they have to run across the rolling log-thingies has to be the best. :mrgreen:
tho i agree - the final showdown is the worst part of the show :(


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9 August 2004
I've seen winners, they dont win anything though, which is brilliant.

Fave game has to be barfly where they swing over a mud pit, let go of the rope and have to stick to a wall coverecd in velcro.


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I love watching Takeshi's Castle it's funny as fuck :lmao:

"ooh hit him in the lovespuds!" :lol:
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