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Tech question


League 2
27 September 2006
I am playing PES6 on medium settings 800x600 window mode as this is the only way I can get it to run at a playable speed. I have GeForce 6150LE BUT ONLY 512 of RAM. The game runs OK, but there is slight stuttering in player animations and quality of graphics is only average. In the next week or so Im planning on upping my RAM to 1GIG, will this have a noticable effect on my games performance and will it allow me to play on HIGH settings?
Also, can anyone advise me on what graphics card settings I should be using to smooth things out? Thanks in advance for allowing me to pick your technical brains as mine is about as technical as a cornflake. ;)


24 August 2005
i would say the extra memory will make it a bit smoother but thats all. how olds the card? you can get a 6600gt or 6800 for peanuts now and you can max everything out no bother.


League 2
27 September 2006
The card is just what was in the computer when I bought it in September.


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13 July 2005
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Werder Bremen
6150LE sounds like the bottom of the bucket of the Geforce 6's...........

Edit: Just looked up what a 6150LE is and........

No wonder you cant go above 800x600 and only medium settings, the 6150LE is an integrated chipset.

In short, you need to buy a real video card.
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League 2
27 September 2006
any suggestions as to what I should get? I dont wanna spend a fortune, I have a baby to feed...LOL
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