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Technical Issues: Every 3-4mins there is 5-8s slowdown / stutter


14 September 2019
anyone else having this issue? When I play PES 2020 every 4-5mins there is timewindow of 5- 7s of massive stutters and slowdown. This was not there when playing the demo.

Specs: Ryzen 1700X, RTX 2080 TI, 32Gb Ram, Windows 10 Pro

Also whenever these happen it shows "services.exe" in the taskmanager taking up CPU resources. This only happens when playing PES 2020 full version, no other game.


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28 November 2007
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Try setting 'Max Pre rendered frames' to 1 in nvidea settings. Or if your using AMD whatever the equivalent is.

although a mod should move this to the PC thread.


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13 September 2019
i setted the game for 60 fps and turned vsync on, in the nvidia conf panel
it worked, even the game got more responsive..
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