Tekken 5 Tournament. Win £1000 on the day!



Hey guys,

Just letting you know about a Tekken 5 tourny being held at the Virgin Megastore I work at.

Its gonna be at the Trafford Centre store in Manchester this Saturday (23rd July)

Prize is £1000. PLUS the winner goes into a final with all the other regional winners for a chance to win £5000 worth of Sony gear.

Anyone whos interested be sure to come down asap and register your name. Theres supposed to be a way to register on the official Sony site but cant find the link, only the advertisement.

Hope to see you there.


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29 March 2003
god damn, i wanna go but i'll be on holiday whilst the london qualifiers are on.
such a shame too cos i've been looking for contests, i once went to STUFF exhibition and got 50 straight wins using one of their arcade sticks, tough but i got it done (tekken 4 btw).

Will there be any other contests?


Not that I know of yet. We've got a few uk champions coming down to so should be a realy good quality tourny.

If we have more I'll let you know :)
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