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Tevez reacts to Man Utd move....


football manager
5 January 2006
Cut him some slack, he did get burnt up as a kid. Hence the big old scar across his chest and (some) of the facial uglyness.

I'm happy he's got a destination now. Was afraid he'd drop dead from a heart attack from all the excitement. Arsenal are in for me? I'm SO excited! Inter? OMG, Excitement! Man Utd? Ga-ga-ga-ga, I'm really really excited!


2 August 2004
Mean but funny as $hittttttt!!!!!! Hahahhahahahaahhaha

:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:


Welcome To Manchester
21 January 2007
Aren't strikers ugly? We've got Rooney and Tevez, Liverpool have Kuyt and Crouch.
United have the ugliest team ever! VDS, Neville, Ferninand, Vidic, Carrick, Ginge Scholes, Rooney, Tranaldo, and maybe Tevez!

Christ, they might win the league because the other teams are scared to look at them.


2 August 2004
Can't see how Carrick, Vidic, Ronaldo and van der Saar are ugly to be honest? :-s

I mean, if you're gonna call them ugly, then isn't 70% of earth's population and just as many Man City players and in every other EPL team? You're being really harsh on some of them.

There's no way I could consider Carrick and Ronaldo in particular, "ugly".

I can see your point about shrek and Scholesy though. :p


2 August 2004

Let me whisper it...

"There's no way I could consider Carrick and Ronaldo in particular, 'ugly'."

:D :lol:

p.s. Check your beloved Man City's thread. ;)
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