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The Beckhams have a reality TV show coming out


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30 December 2001
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30 March 2003
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Expect a divorce hearing from the Beckham household very soon then.

Not that I watch that trash (honest), but the "Newlyweds" shite on MTV have always ended up with the couples breaking up afterwards.

It's clear where DB's priority lies...and the boss of LA Galaxy should be worried


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8 January 2002
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I'd rather watch grass growing than this utterly boring family...i quite like Beckham the football player but i couldn't care less about his private life and his horrible wife...well i gues one has to thank Beckham that thanks to their relationship she stopped singing...that's perhaps his biggest merit.
Let's give him a Brit Award !!!!


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15 December 2001
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the americans are welcome to that hideous leech, victoria. man, i really cannot stand the sight of that attention-seeking parasite!

i hope becks falls for a beautiful californian blonde while he's out there...
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