The Da Vinci Code


5 July 2004
Coventry, UK
Just got back from seeing it. After reading all the bad reviews and whatnot, I was expecting a long and boring film. I thoroughly enjoyed it however, and would give it an 8/10. The one thing I don't quite get though (regarding the theories) is...

Howcome proving that Mary had Jesus's baby would show that Jesus is not the son of God and this miracle worker he was supposed to be?


15 April 2003
Well the book was mediocre, but I'll watch the film because Tom Hanks should be funny in a role I would never have imagined him in. I don't know why, but I had Laurie's 'House' character in mind to portray Langdon when I heard they were adapting the book.


11 November 2001
Having heard nothing but bad things about the movie I didn't expect to be disappointed when I went to see it, usually if folk say a film is great I always end up underwhelmed but this was supposedly pish so I could go in without too much expectation.

I thought it was average, Hanks isn't quite right for that role but McKellan and Bettany were great.

It's also not as good as reading the book as you know what's coming all the time, the big draw for the book is you just gotta read the next page to see where it goes, even tho the writing isn't the best. 6/10 for me.

Because Jesus is the son of God according to the church, and no mere man. He was never involved with women according to them, totally holier than thou, etc. If he had a wean that kinda blows that theory apart.


30 March 2003
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Finally managed to watch this last night :shock:

As expected, works soo much better as a book. There were a couple of bits in it which perhaps made no sense if you hadn't read the book. It's v v difficult to get flashbacks done well on film - unfortunately Howard has made them way too corny. It did, at times, feel like a glorified "Challenge Anneka" :shock: :lmao:

The book was ok imo....Dan Brown has a good way of keeping the reader on the edge. But, the story - especially the ending, was v poor.

The best thing of the film was definitely Audrey Tautou....she confirms to me as being the most suave and beautiful actress since Audrey Hepburn :shock:
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