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The League of Greece


League 2
5 August 2003

Has anyone been to a Greek league match ?? I will, most likely, be in Athens in early December and am interested in going to a Greek league match. Is there a winter break or will matches still be on going, also is it difficult to get tickets for the Athens teams, and how much does it normally cost ?

Many thanks.


24 August 2005
I live in Athens and I'm a proud season ticket holder for AEK Athens, so I've been to most home matches. There is a break, as no matches take place between Dec 17 and Jan 7 -because of the Christmas holidays.
As far as AEK is concerned, there is a game on Dec 3 (against Ionikos at the Athens Olympic Stadium) and on Dec 17 against Panionios (also at the Athens Olympic Stadium).
The tickets are easy to find and the price range starts at 10-15 euros with the most expensive ones costing about 50 euros.


Greek WE Maniac
7 September 2004
Great league this one. My favorite team is Panathinikos.
oh my friend she is not so great, she has many talent in players but the teams are very unbalanced! Panthinaikos is also my Team! The problem is outside Greece the Teams looses easy, they can do it better but they dont!
I hope one Day it will be better, i was thinking after winning the euro things will be better but no no! and we have many many problems with hooligans! its sometimes a shame to see people braking down stadiums and do it like a group of Monkeys!
But to see a match of AEKathens will be interesting, OAKAstadium is very nice! So have fun in greece and enjoy it!:applause:


Red OR Dead
30 April 2006
Patrai, Hellas
Olympiacos C.F.P
i you want to see a greek intersting match with a lot of magic you must see Olympiacos and then let "Ribo"(Rivaldo) and Neri Castillo do all the job! Ribo simple the best in Greece and is the first scorer with seven beautiful goals! About the price of the ticket you can find tickets that cost from 20euro!


13 August 2002
New York
Ribos, uis there a lot of the hooligans though? How do I protect myself at a match so I will be safe and return home to my family?
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