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The myth of no free kicks

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10 October 2018
Hello all. Regarding pes2019 I have noticed quite a few people complain that they never get free kicks, or very rarely ( I am talking against the computer by the way). I personally get free kicks every game, in good shooting positions, at least a couple per game. I believe the reason for this is that I use SKILL MOVES very frequently, and this seems to draw fouls with regularity, to such an extent I actually feel like if anything there are too many of them.
I would like to ask the people who complain about lack of fouls if they ever attempt skill moves? If they do not use skill moves (step overs, drag backs etc) maybe they could try and then report back on their results? I have scored tons of free kicks, its actually a bit too overpowered in my opinion.
Anyway I just wanted to point this out to those complaining about free kicks, however feel free to tell me I am wrong by all means!
Ps I use manual skills not auto feint just in case that matters at all.


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19 January 2005
The PES2019 discussion threads are here for PC & here for console mate. Please post your findings in one of those threads. Thanks.
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