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The Nonchalant look of Henry


League 2
6 August 2006
yes its like this i have a friend who use to make the exact look of henry.
you know when he looks over his shoulder whit creased eyes looking questioning on you whit a a great deal of nonchalans.:lmao:

i need a picture of him when he have this look, i searched trough google but i didnt find the picture i need even though its one of his most famous looks.

plz anyone have one?


Retired Footballer
15 March 2003
OPM said:
not only playing great football...envy! [-(
Eva Longoria is the girl friend of Tony Parker the French player of San Antonio Spurs (NBA) and Henry is just a friend ;)
Henry are with a English top model (strange English and top model, maybe a casting error :-k)


League 2
6 August 2006
nah its more like when he disagrees whit the ref like "come on ref...."
or in his case "venez sur l'arbitre..."

i know this was a wierd subject but thx all for trying
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