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The PC Building Thread


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25 August 2008
Hi guys, hopefully some of the experts around here can help with a suggestion.

I am looking into buying a new gaming laptop, which primarily will be used for playing PES (don't play anything else) and video editing 4k videos.

When it comes to PES 2020 and the upcoming titles, I was wondering which would be the best combo:

1. i9-9880h + rtx 2070


2. i7-9750 + rtx 2080


3. i7-9750 + rtx 2080 max q (although from what I read these max q are not recommended and 2070 would outperform it)

Also will a display with 240hz be more recommended than a 140hz one, would the difference be noticeable?

I am between option 1 and option 2, but not too sure over the years what would serve me better, superior cpu or superior gpu.

Any advice welcomed.

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Since you're going to be using it only for PES and video editing, I'd say don't go overboard as you won't need that much horsepower. I can honestly say you're going to be throwing money away if you get a PC with an RTX 2080 just for PES. You would probably get away with a 2060 in PES for at least 2-3 years.

Definitely explore some Ryzen options (haven't been following the laptop market tbh, but you should be able to find Ryzen builds).

I have a 144hz monitor myself, and it sure plays really smoothly, but tbh you don't even need that for PES. Go for 144hz if you find something good, but anything above that should be out of the question imo.

Most importantly for a laptop, look at the build quality and not only the components, look up reviews of the cooling system on Youtube - this is the vital part for me, as powerful GPUs are always going to generate heat.


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27 April 2002
If it's just for gaming, I would simply wait.

Future proofing is kind of a myth in some ways, especially regarding GPUs, it's just best to upgrade every few years and get some money for your old one on the second hand market.

With the new consoles practically right around the corner, it doesn't make much sense to upgrade your GPU now (especially with an AMD card), because you'd need a new one in a year or so anyway.
Processor wise you would definitely notice the difference as the 3600 would be twice as powerful as the 3570.
Processor wise AMD is the way forward now, there is absolutely no reason why anyone building a PC today would choose an Intel.

Graphics card wise you would be looking at a 15-20% increase in performance, which depending on setup isn't really worth it.
As the 1070 should be more than enough to play games @1440 at decent settings, as I used to have one a couple of years ago.

I would wait for GPU at this moment, the RTX 3000 series is coming next June and will no doubt bring a significant performance increase in Ray Tracing, as well as the usual 20% increase in actual graphics performance.

In regards to waiting to see what is in the next gen consoles - I would be incredible surprised if they have a GPU more powerful than a 5700XT in them.
Thanks For the heads up guys.

I’ve been so tempted to pull the trigger on this https://www.overclockers.co.uk/gigabyte-radeon-rx-5700-xt-gaming-oc-8gb-gddr6-pci-express-graphics-card-gx-1b9-gi.html?campaign=affiliate/tag

But I’m going to hold out for a while now I think after your twos responses.


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27 April 2002
Guys another question, should I still go ahead and get the Ryzen 3600 CPU (maybe even a 3700x) and a MSI Tomahawk MAX B450 board or just wait on that as well?

oh yeah and some 3000+MHz DDR4 (to replace my 1600mhz DDR3)
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Guys another question, should I still go ahead and get the Ryzen 3600 CPU (maybe even a 3700x) and a MSI Tomahawk MAX B450 board or just wait on that as well?

oh yeah and some 3000+MHz DDR4 (to replace my 1600mhz DDR3)
The AMD processors were released in July..

So you are 5 months through the release cycle, judging by AMD releases it could be July to September before the 4th Gen Ryzen processors are released.
But given the massive performance buffer they have over Intel at the moment, they might delay the 4th Gen.

Also it is a custom 3rd Gen Ryzen which is going to be in the new PS5/Xbox.

Personally myself as well I don't skimp on motherboards, I also buy ones which are better quality.
But more importantly have the better chipset.

The X570 boards have improvements over the B450 and worth the extra investment.
Better VRM's - Better power management and less drop in voltage.
PCIe 4.0 Support - B450 doesn't support PCIe 4.0, although nothing utilises this yet.
Faster memory support - Although again, I don't know anyone who buys the fastest memory available.

There are other advantages, mainly better components in general - And mainly all to do with overclocking.
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