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The PES 2018 PC/PS4 Clans Thread


25 November 2008
Sorry if this is some kind of double post but I can't find any.

I'm finally back to PES after I was a coop addict back in the PES6 days. The groups, I missed them so much.
They're trying again using clans.

I have already found a steady partner to play with. However, my clan could use serious reinforcements!
I'd like this post to be the thread where we can connect people together who want the play the new 3v3 mode.

Platform: PS4
Clan name: The Originals (CASE SENSITIVE!)
Recruting or looking for a clan: Recruting
Mic needed: yes
Languages: Dutch, English or German.

Add me on PSN if you want to join!


23 November 2017
Don't know if people are still looking here, but I'm looking to create or join a clan in order to make more co-op matches fun. Casual matches unfortunately often end up being poorly balanced or i play alone (funny kind of co-op).

Ideally this would be a clan of team players (don't mess around - make it fun for everyone).

Anybody know of such a clan or want to start one? Im on ps4 by the way.
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