The PES6 doesnt play on Live!!!!!!!!WTF?


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10 May 2002
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I have the game from a friend who works in a big store and gave it to me from their warehouse!!!!!!!
Tha game is so perfect and difficult and it plays smooth even in my crt 29'' phillips!

But i have a serious problem.I enter the xboxlive normally, then i am going to pes6 xboxlive menu and it enters normally.There we have the ranked match option and custom match etc.When i enter to ranked or custom, i can see who is available online and ready to play.When i try to connect to him it says the game no longer exists or it hangs on waiting for reply!Also, when i create a game in custom and invite a friend,my friend accepts the invite but he doesnt connect to me!I cant even see him!
What is going on?
Is this a Konami problem?Server problem?
All my other games are working fine on Live...
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Could be a problem with your Router.

In the Xbox-Dashboard, go to System - Network Settings - Test Xbox-Live Connection (or something like that)

If you get a "strict" or "moderate" result in the NAT-Test, you will have problems connecting to games and you must change your Router-Settings. If it says "open" then its some other problem....


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1 October 2003
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I think the servers have been disabled until the release date. No other explanation.


PES - FIFA Greek master
10 May 2002
Aek Athens
No i have managed to play one match every day and then nothing.
I am trying for example 20 times to play again.Nothing...
I have played in 3 days only 1 ranked match and 3 custom matches...
And i have tried about 100 times...


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19 October 2004
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I tried going to custom match and then leaving everything default and it will bring up a list of rooms, like a lobby. Then you can connect from there.

Also try changing the at settings on your xbox to open..

Hope this helps

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24 January 2005
lol, all this talk about servers will be fully functional on the 27th is bollox!

sorry but its another bug that probably got ported over from pes5 xbl!

we have the same problem on optimatch last year and it was never fixed


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11 December 2002
I am getting the same problem, if I wait it just tells me there are no openents and if I go custom the connection fails...piece of crap..


16 August 2003
I am getting the same problem I played live this morning - just one game and then never been able to connect - very strange nothing wrong with my 8meg internet connection so WHAT GIVES?


8 February 2003
All people who have played once and can't do it anymore, do you play with a warez version ? :)
It's either that, or just that the game isn't supposed to be out yet.
Pick your choice.


I have same problem it is to do with our NAT setting guys myn is strict so it cna prevent us connecting with the majority of other gamers. Only thing is i tihnk the only way to fix it is to buy a new router that doesnt ahve such a strict setting. If anyone knows of another way to resolve this please say so
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