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The PS4 PES Most Like The PS2 PES's

Ollie Plimsolls

17 September 2018
Hi All

I used to play PES’s 2 – 6 to death on the PS2. Although I can appreciate the advances in realism the games have made, I think they suffer as video games because of this. Where your imagination would fill in the blanks on previous versions, I think it’s a case of the closer the games get to being realistic, the more glaring the failures are.

With this is mind, could you recommend which PS4 iteration of PES most closely resembles the best PS2 titles, please?


15 July 2013
None, IMO. If they didn't share the same prefix, i'd not know the game was produced by the same company. If you want a gameplay closer to PS2 era with better graphics and animations, you should better try the PS3 versions of PES.

Chris Davies

Chief PESsimist
14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
With this is mind, could you recommend which PS4 iteration of PES most closely resembles the best PS2 titles, please?
In terms of gameplay on the ball, I think 2019 does a great job. But the AI spoils it.

In terms of the overall package (including half-decent AI), I'd say 2017. It's stiff to play and the AI cheats, but there is variation in the AI. The "flow" introduced in the gameplay as of 2018 (the ball is more free, I think) just cripples the AI and it starts to play the same way all of the time.

Video of mine from 2017:


Ollie Plimsolls

17 September 2018
Thanks for the responses. That Bournemouth goal must have grated. I can remember on the older games, if you conceded a free kick just inside your own half. You knew the ball was going to be pumped into the box and headed in and you were powerless to stop it. So nice to see there's a modern version of that.


PES Puritan
28 April 2018
Supporting my PES 3 suppoter, @fmicablues7 , it does not seem that any later PES games on either Playstation 4 or the PC are proper football gameplay simulations with all the realism and dynamic play of PES 2, which was almost there and then PES 3, which was the complete football gaming experience.

If you think about it games like the PES series or Gran Turismo series were the definitive games of the early 2000s on the best selling and best playing console of all time, the Playstation 2.
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