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Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
Last season, there was no real high quality football.
Whereas in previous seasons Spurs had a recognisable brand of football (very attractive football), last season we only thrived in chaos, when we threw the kitchen sink.
Our home match against Dortmund was the exception and even then Dortmund were the better team in the first half. We were extremely luck in both CL matches against City and were helped by Guariola not playing KDB in the home tie.
Against Ajax we played one good half, by playing uncharacterisyic Spurs football.
We went almost all the way in the CL, but we didn't play good football.

In fact our best football was the last season in the old stadium. We will never get better than that season: most goals scored, least goals against, i think we won all our home matches (perhaps one draw, not sure). And on top of that fantastic football...but Chelsea had a wonder season. That was the season we should have won the league (not the Leicester season the season before that).

IMO the fans expect too much. We might win a domestic Cup and with some luck perhaps a CL (but will we ever be more Lucky in the CL than last year?), but Spurs will never ever win the EPL as long as they have the 7th budget.

Do i blame Levy and Enic? Not at all. It seems to me we are a decent and proper led football team.


22 October 2002
Tottenham Hotspur
We're in a slump now, it seems we have a few too many passengers in our squad, players not really up for it or motivated to play properly - and Poch insists on playing a system that relies too heavily on effective wing back play for us to succeed. Strengthening in wing back positions should be our main concern come January, in my opinion. I have to say though, although I'm 100% behind the man, I'm not too sure Poch will even be here come January - too many arrows pointing the wrong way.

What I am sure of though, is that we have an excellent fundament for future teams, and we will establish ourselves in the very top within the next 10 years or so - top notch stadium with the best match day revenue of pretty much any team in the world, world class training facilities, and long term we'll be able to get much closer economically to our opponents due to the increased match day revenue and everything that entails.

The now might be a bit bleak, but the future is bright, the future is lilywhite. ;)
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