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The Spurs thread


6 March 2019
What a thrilling match tonight, I have to say. :)

Overall: I was so happy the EPL provided during Christmas and it still goes on...! :)
Thrilling for everyone who isn’t a Spurs fan! 😂 I thought it was painful to watch.


Team Heffernan
25 May 2003
Rego Park, Germany
Team Heffernan
Thrilling for everyone who isn’t a Spurs fan! 😂 I thought it was painful to watch.
Yeah sure. I should’ve add that bit of information. ;)
If it’s not “my team” who's playing, I’m always supporting the underdog.
Spurs played under value.

When I watched my Bayern vs. Freiburg not too long ago, that was thrilling as well. Bundesliga (and EPL) as a whole are entertaining as it hasn’t been in years, imo.


Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
IMO the second half was not bad. Mourinho should build upon that second half. We begun very well, scored an then got an absolute freak goal against us. At moments like that, you see the players have no confidence...


Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
God, Mourinho is there for 8 matches and i'm sick and tired of him.
Mourinho's version of the club's motto: to play with 2 right backs is to do.
If Spiurs would have played the whole match like we played the last 20 minutes (with more offensive orientated players on the pitch), perhaps we could have earned a point against Liverpool. We had less that 30% possession in the first half, Som didn't touc a single ball between the 30' and the 60' minute of the match...

UNder Pocchetino we were one of the most attractive teams of Europe, now we are boring, tedious...if this is the result of 8 matches as a manager, what damage can he do in 4 years?

He's worse that Tim Sherwood (i'm exagerating).


Champions League
15 December 2011
The thing is I expect in his mind, he will see the fact that with the late chances they could have drawn and even feasibly have won given the two gilt edge chances they missed, as justification for his method.

With the historical attacking mindset of both Man Utd and Tottenham's style of play I think it's fair to say Mourinho was the worst possible fit for either of those teams. He drained the life out of Man Utd, I hope he doesn't do the same here.


Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
Yesterday's match against Boro was another example what's wrong.
A very decent first half, where we could have scored 4 goals.
Spurs from two seasons ago would have started the second half to slaughter Boro and score at least 3 more goals...nothing like that now….and of course Boro scores and we have a very nervy and of the match...and the chances we missed on the counter after Boro's goal...What is wrong with our players?

They should start the second half of matches like that, conscious that they are 10 times better than Boro, but the y don't. Is it what Mourinho says at half time, is it a lack of self believe or a combination of both?
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