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The Wolf PES5 Superpatch 1.0.1 OR Superpatch 3.0 by FCH?

Bebeto 94

For the good of the game
9 November 2002
Liskeard, Cornwall
They are both the same patch !! The patch was made by Zeus, FCH and others . The Wolf merely made a complete download version on a torrent for easy installation . Superpatch 3 is the update to Superpatch 2 and therefor you will need this first !!


I have installed the wolf pes5 superpatch easy install. Is this the same as the superpatch 3.0 that everybody is talking about?
If so, then I don`t have to download it and install it, because i don`t play online.


install might be easy but getting the file in first place is hard as hell, megaupload reads my ip as and says limit reached or sum1 is already DL'in from that ip. ITS NOT MY IP, rapidhare.de i just got no idea of how anybody downloads from here, i click "Free" and it takes me to a page which has NO links to the download whatsoever.. filefront.. 1kb/s for 94mb.. no thnx.. not to mention need superpatch 2, which i dont even have!!! grrr..

so yeah, anybody got any DECENT mirrors, or torrent links?
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