this should put 360 players minds at rest a bit on editing front...


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1 September 2005
Put people at rest when the truth will probably deter some from buying the 360 version in the first place?


15 August 2003
Yeah but i like going my team liverpool. which means i have to play in a crappy plain kit against either other crappy plain kits or licensed kits. Either way it looks odd and detracts from the overall spectacle of the game.

At least on Ps2 i could create some sort of kit closeness.


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1 September 2005
I'm quite tempted to just cancel my order for the 360 one and rent both the ps2 and 360 one and decide from there if the improved graphics and slightly different gameplay is worth the lack of editing.


this website is taking a long time to load could you post the pics on here please


wasn't this posted already

and its not completley over for us, theres nothing to deny that editing kits is out is there?


from my point of view, id rather it had option of updating the club a player is at and stats. having seen the graphics on 360 im defo going to get it. ok its a shame about the kits but it has some of the main editing i guess.


6 August 2003
Siena, Italy
i am very angry and disappointed...
i cannot believe that ps2 version old next generation will have more features than 360 new-gen console.
how sadness


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7 March 2006
Hmm... That is barcalona, so maybe you can't edit their kits.

See that emblem logo, that might mean we can edit kits ;)
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22 December 2001
I doubt if you can. What you see at the picture is the symbol of a logo, so you can edit logo's.
If you look at the edit-symbol in the PS2 version, you see a shirt.
So you may only be able to change logo's.


i just noticed that i presumed where it showed the barca team, that was a register play section. anyhow it seems the squads are uptodate- which is the most important as of now anyway, and there weren't that many major transfers over jan t window so ill live.

Jess C


Yes you can transfer players, I translated the spanish words in the pictures using this website:

It's not the most accurate of translation services (which would explain why it's free) but you get the gist of what you need to know.;) (e.g. It said "player publishing" or some shit)
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15 July 2004
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so what the hell is going on here?

im behind on the news.

but are you saying, anything graphically like shirts and player appearance cannot be edited?

if so this is terirble.

stats can eb edited though cant they?

im a liverpool fan. will they be fully sponsored?

if not its gonna be bad playing is boring bland red kits, and no doubt a lot of the new players will have horrible faces.


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17 July 2005
Liverpool are not licenced im afraid nobody is to know whats going to be in the final code only Konami themselves. And if there department promoted more of the game instead of hiding in the shadows we might know more.

There really needs to be a independant regulator in video games to sort this licencing out its not fair on other publishers that EA has to hold the rights all the time. Imo there should be a set fee and everyone pays te price for the rights it would make it a whole lot more better. But na EA are the money making scammers they always been realsing games buggy they are notorious for it. But you know what the worse thing is about them there customer support is disabolical they dont release patches to fix them. An example is the dual core bug its right through there games BF2 had it and then Msot Wanted they never released a patch to fix it. There framerate issues in Need for Speed Carbon on 360 same as there was on Most Wanted have they fixed it no.

People should just stop buying there games there are the worse comapny for customer support yet they still seem to come on top because people get sucked into the hype.


i think thats a fair point as everything at the moment is just rumour. you somehow cannot see konami releasin a statement on the matter this close to release anyhow.

i cannot believe on some forums, people are now saying they want to buy fifa just because pro might not have the ability to edit kits. that is just insane. talk about kneejerk.

also if anyone bought the 360 just for pro evo likewise they are insane. u either buy the 360 because you think you will prefer it over the ps3 (as the ps3 isnt out you cant really judge between them) or you buy pro evo on the ps2 or xbox and then wait to see how the next gens do before making a next gen cole purchase.

im sorry but i still cannot get my head around people buying fifa just because pevo might not have a kit editor. have you seen how easy it is to score in fifa 2007 for a start- esp from half way line! no doubt the latest fifa installment is more fluid but to get a game just because if has licensed kits- thats going back to the main reason why people bought fifa in the first place- and why gamers stuck to pro evo because they wanted realism in their gameplay not in their graphics


17 April 2004
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girish said:
you buy pro evo on the ps2 or xbox and then wait to see how the next gens do before making a next gen cole purchase.
Sadly, Pro Evolution Soccer 6 will not be released on the original Xbox.:(

I don't care about the edit mode, it just would have been nice to edit faces and kits. I'll still get the game anyway, I always do.:)
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