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Thread for arranging FRIENDLY MATCHES

Shollym PESerbia

8th year of the patch
9 August 2007
The land of champions
Boca Barça Inter MUTD PFC
In this thread you can challenge someone, or ask if someone is up for a game or two, don't forget to mention which patch you play because you can only play with people who use the same patch.

After the game you can post screenshots with results of your games here.
Use program called FRAPS for takin screenshots:

Example of how you should post screenshots (SS), you make 3 screenshots:
match result, scorers, and game stats:

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28 September 2011
Hello everybody!

I'm argentinian but im living in spain. If you know somebody from spain that plays shollym online... leave a reply here

thank u all


World Cup Winner
16 July 2011
Who wants to playa friendly: Shollym Classic. Got dibs on Arsenal Invincibles. :D
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