Time for Konami to stop half assing it.....

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League 2
5 August 2004
We all know Konami's game engine is second to none, and this year is no different, I'm in love with the game.However they've been living off that quite awhile now.

- Unlicensed Leagues - No EPL the home of the biggest league in Europe and current Euro Champs Liverpool....and we get fake kits???

- No Fans in the FKN seats!? Purely amatuerish FIFA would never allow that yeah yeah I know their GP sux, however they do put extra effort into appearance

- What's with the ball?? It's sometimes like playing "Ping Pong " or Tennis....it bounces like a MF'r ..

- Touches of slowdown still exist ](*,)

- Relagated clubs still exist - which is truly unacceptable not to mention asinine.

They need to start giving us more for the money we spend on the game.
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