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To easy to score from 40 yards plus?


10 November 2006
anyone feel its way to easy? take any player with any accuracy above 65 or power above 70 hit the power to about 3/4 an just aim at the opposite side your on so if your standing sort of the right hand side of the center shoot to the left, always flys in top corner keeper helpless everytime

keepers may be better at 1 on 1 although 9/10 they aim there save at another striker :P but from distance ive yet to see a keeper save a shot lol

had a cup with sheffield and got something like 12 goals with tonge all outside the area :P playin top player btw


1 December 2006
I definitely think its too easy, i can shoot from pretty much anywhere past the halfway line with Micheal Owen and smash it in the top corner.


Yes it is, it's piss easy. My mate scored from on the edge of the centre circle with Liam Davis on his PS2 (Championship Option File) who has about 60 for both shot power and accuracy.

Another flaw in PES...
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