To the MODS



Right, I was 'timsmith10000' and now I can't get into my account.

So I created a new one to see if that would work - it did. I found a post from a few nights ago and it said 'timsmith10000' BANNED :shock:

:shock: :shock: :shock:

OK, I thought long and hard and then I remembered that in one message i called someone a P*I*K.

I was annoyed at the time with what this person was saying. But what I did do quite soon was to edit my post. I did so and removed the offensive word.

So I am quite suprised, I joined the forums in mid 2003 and had around 500 posts and i came on these forums often. And in one post i said one bad word (which i admit to) but then i edited it later on.

I have seen other people do things much worse than this and have huge arguments in one topic.

So, am i banned for life? Or for a period of time?

If i am not allowed this account (which i created to see what the problem was) I will not be on these forums again if you dont want me here.

I also saw it as unfair that i was banned without explanation or an email of any sort.

I admit i was wrong and i think by editing my post i realised that.

I am very sorry to Kingpug (who the post was directed at) and to everyone i offended.

So mods.... am i banned for life after ONE bad word in 500 posts?

I will look forward to a reply. Please dont ban this account until I have time to read your reply, then I will know what you have said.

Thanks a lot guys. Sorry again. ;)


C Dub
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6 October 2001
Your banning is news to me, I blame Kezz ;)

I can find no reason for you banning in your posts over the last 24 hours.

And you werent banned for life, it was just a short period of time. Though you have now created a new username that is a permanent banning offence :)

Let me look into it further and I will get back to you


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28 February 2002
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You were banned for a week for the provoking of kingpug, not really the "bad word." The only reason you hadn't had a mail is because I was at work when the ban went on and I can't email from there, sorry about the inconvenience. Also, you should've recieved the ban earlier (when kingpug went) but something went wrong there.

So, your normal account will be back in a week and I'd appreciate removing this bloodhound account once you've read this.


yes ok, I will stay off all accounts for the week.

CHEERS, thanks again


didn't want to open new thread for this, plus this one has a proper title

I moved to Ireland and I had no internet access since last >3 months, I haven't logged onto evoweb that time so decision about demodding me was obvious (Just bought the laptop few days ago and I was wondering how long time elapsed 'till you noticed my dissapearing ;P)

As I have no more acces to staff forum, just wanted to say
Thanks for confidence lads, wish you all the best with running forum

I still will be logging to site occasionally;


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21 February 2003
Swords eh?

Close enough to home, I'll have to look out for a chap walking around with a big chain and medallion around his neck. Maybe....just maybe...I'll wave. ;)


Before I moved to Swords I lived in Drumcondra first month (very quiet, nice place to live) but as whole Dublin is an european capital it's always close to gigs etc. so I liked it even better

ps. you better don't wave to eastern-europe-looking neckers ;P You have 1 per cent of chance it'll be me and 99 per cent of chance of being squashed to the concrete;)
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