Togo, Angola, and Ghana booked their seats in World Cup


3 July 2003
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What will Konami do in next WE, will they add those teams??, will they remove Cameroun, Nigeria, Senegal, and replace them???
I honestly like sometimes to play with Cameroun, but certainly not with Togo (with all my respect to their national team and to Adebayor).
I used to play with Egypt (I'm Egyptian) but now Egypt is gone with the wind.
Any Clues???


17 April 2004
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Hopefully not, I think the other teams have better players overall and deserve to be left in the game, maybe they can add some teams instead of replacing others.


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30 December 2001
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Well when Westham won the Intertoto cup Konami added them then even after years or poor play and relegation Konami left them in and didnt include better teams so i wouldnt worry about them changing the teams to soon


4 October 2004
They will include all the teams that qualify to the world cup.. so they will be in the game..


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12 February 2004
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I wonder why it's so "hard" for them to add teams... This year they even removed (replaced) some national teams. What's the point? Do they have problems with their database? Does it make the Master League harder to program or something? Are they already so ashamed with their database research (all the stat/look errors we always say) that making a bigger DB would make something too f***ed up?
You can keep adding questions :P


4 October 2004
There is no source, but every winning eleven from the first until now, they have every single team that have qualified to each world cup tournament, all the 32teams that qualify for the world cup are always included and must be included....but its africa, so they will replace which i think is a horrible idea
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