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Too stong defensive in PES6


20 August 2005
I am playing 3-star difficulties in ML mode. I feel that the defensive power and keeper are too strong compared with that in WE9. Just an example, when I play Arsenal (2nd) vs Reading (16th), it is my home game but I could not make a goal (0 - 0)! I'am sure my team is fit and strong and have many shoots, but the opponent defender is cracy that they can on time block my most shoots and the box can be full of the opponents many times when I shoot. 4 out of 10 shoots hit the post or the bars!! And the goal keeper seems can predict the direction when I start shooting.


8 October 2003
welcome aboard! i'm one of those pes6 haters, and I strongly agree with you on this one. been playing master league for 2 full seasons and all I can came about were only a handful of crappy goals (goals taht I wouldn't be proud of). I noticed that it's very hard to score a decent goal, like long-ranged shot or half-volley. most likely this kind of shots will go either widely or directly hit the bar.

Once I had Sheva went solo w/ only the goalie to beat..to my horror he shot wide and weak just like my little bro's so called "power" shot. To make matter worse, everytime I scored one crappy goal, they would reply with a more-than-crappy goal..my defenders would all pre-destined to fall on the ground everytime, then they would score an easy goal.

I'm just sharing my thoughts here. Anyone w/ me?
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