top 10 players


League 2
22 December 2005
are there any fair players in the top 10 lol? :lol:

I see most of them have over 50 disconnects but they only lost 10 or even less. How's that possible? Noticed the same today when I was winning over someone with 821 rating, then he quitted after 2-0 behind and I didn't record a win!?!?


Harvester of Sorrow
24 September 2003
Manchester United
thats happend to me too mate, i think most of the players in the top 800 are cheating slags


League 2
22 December 2005
you would almost want to cheat yourself just to get them back. But then again, you remember the beaty of the game and the feeling fair players have when you'd do that, so the temptation to cheat is all gone. But people with no life probably would cheat


24 December 2005
Cheating online for me clearly typifies some sort of Socio psychological problem. Actually i read a paper to say that those that cheat at online gaming also have a pathological issue.

I would rather have a decent salary, mortgage (ffs) than have braggin rights about omgzor im on 50,000 i r0x0r.
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