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Top PS2 Driving Games?

Professor Nutmeg

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3 July 2002
Master League
I feel like getting behind the wheel again, and although i'm quite happy with my Colin McRae 04, (for me, it plays well) i was wondering if there were any other decent driving sims/games out there that you might recommend.
Graphics aren't that important, more the gameplay and feel of the car. Forget GT4 because as realistic as it makes it out to be, it just isn't (talking about crash damage etc) NFSU gets a bit too samey and arcadey after a while. Is Juiced very similar to NFS, also is Midnight Club DE the same old? Although i hear it's better.
Also, i never got round to buying/playing Colin 5. Is it worth getting if you have 4? Gameplay any better? Cars? Physics? I don't mind the rallying thing you see. Cheers for your opinions.



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28 August 2002
Don't know about Colin Mcrae but Burnout3:Takedown is an excellent game. Yes it is arcady but it is a lot of fun.


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9 August 2004
I REALLY enjoyed MC3 DE but some people didnt.

If you liked NFSU, MC3 kills it in all respects except occassionally the framerate drops but its nothing major..
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2 November 2002
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Yep Burnout 3 is top fun! Don't like arcadey racers myself but this game is on another level of entertainment.


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23 October 2004
Liverpool FC
Burnout 3 for thrills and most definitely spills. Going fast in that actually feels fast. I agree with the above.


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2 August 2003
Newcastle United
In no order:

Burnout 3: Takedown (soon to be Revenge, in this yrs sequel)
Gran Turismo 4
Colin Mcrae 2005
Richard Burns Rally (very realistic, very very hard and unforgiving)


18 March 2003
Agree with ibu2003, if you're getting bored with Colin and want to move towards a more realistic rally sim, Richard Burns Rally is your game. It pretty much depends on how much time you have for it, if you only play a few hours a month, Burnout 3 is good fun too imo.


League 2
7 August 2004
I would go with any of the World Rally championship series.
Every time they p1ssed on Colin Mcrae IMO.
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