Toughest game ever played!


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25 August 2006
I've searched the forum for a thread on this,and haven't found any.

So what's the most challenging/toughest game you have played?
One house rule,a game that's tough and challenging based on its content,not because of crappy gameplay etc!

Toughest game I have ever played is The Witness.
A puzzle game,looks stunning and by far the hardest game I've ever played!

Ps if I missed when I searched for a thread on this subject,feel free to erase!


28 September 2010
I cannot say one specific for sure. For me all the old (GameBoy-NEs-SNES) platform-type, action-adventures, especially those that you did not have an HP bar, but you were one-hit-to-die. With energy/HP bar i would say games like Megaman and Super Metroid. If i could say two only i would say R-Type and Burai Fighter.
But all those past games, although were built to be played mostly by kids, were extremelly demanding of skills like, manouvering, puzzle solving etc.
Thank god that the saving space was increased and the Save/Load/Continue was invented, or some flags/checkpoints that you could restart after you died, or by jumping some levels using passwords.

P.S.: I know that being shot from everywhere, with only one life/HEART/ENERGY, maybe considered crappy gameplay, as it needs more than just skill to succeed.
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3 August 2003
I usually give up on hard games. A notable exception to this is Spelunky, a game I stuck with and eventually beat it on my 1000th go. I have beaten it the hard way (a hidden path that is longer and tougher) multiple times now, but it took some doing.


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18 August 2018
Operation Flashpoint comes to mind.
It was revolutionary when it came out. Most realistic war game experience. No health bar, not much ammo, and huge island, where enemies could take you down before you even saw them.
I remember one mission where I lost all squad and woke up alone in the forrest with enemies searching area for survivors. This mission alone took me good few hours, crawling through bushes and trying to sneak to evac zone. I knew if I shot someone id be fucked, as the rest of them would be alerted. And it was far from Call of Duty, so I wouldnt stand a chance. Absolutely brilliant game.
Never played sequel that came out many years later as I was afraid theyll ruin this perfect title for me.


26 July 2018
It has to be PES (MyCLub).

If I play a difficult game, I'll either be up for the challenge because of the reward/fun OR I can choose to switch of because its not worth my time.

I can make this judgment based on others reviews and when I'm playing.

But PES? What other game takes 3-4 years to work out that its systems and direction are flawed?

It is the football equivalent of Elite Dangerous …. you can play for days and months but in the end you are still in space and the only thing that changed is you (your ship in Elite or the names in your squad and number slots in PES).

I was absorbed in MyClub for 3 good years thinking there was a good offline game to fall back on.

PES MyClub = false hope. It is the ultimate grind if you aim to build up slots/clear agents as I once did.

No other game has caused me as much grief and unhappiness (I countered this with forum banter/discussion)

Worst game ever = PES.
Toughest game ever = PES because I finally have to accept a fruitless 3-4 years of effort. Tough on the heart.


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12 September 2002
Dirt Rally 2.0 is pretty difficult.
And yes the trial games in the latter stage are pretty hard too.

But i'm more of a casual gamer, so i don't think i've played really hard games.
This week there was a subject about difficult games in my news paper. It seems there is a very difficult game out that is set in Japan. You are a samourai and in some of the fights it is very important to listen to the sounds... Nothing for me, but that seems to be a very difficult game.


5 May 2017
Dark Souls 3. Only played One other game in the series, bloodborne, but the lack of defending just didn't do it for me. Dark Souls 3 did for me, what a great game and it even feels great when you're getting your ass whooped. It's never unfair, you just have to get better really. No scripting or shenanigans, just opponents that are bigger, stronger and faster than you are. I got a lot farther than I expected and only have the final boss to beat along with the Nameless King. I hop in occasionally to try but they whoop my ass so hard,I'm a long way off from killing them.


11 August 2003
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I don't know toughest game ever played as to me seems games over the years have been getting easier in general.

But as for hardest level, I have still not found anything as mad and difficult as the Omaha Beach level on Medal of Honor: Allied Assault on PC - Not to be confused with the incredibly easy same level on PS2.
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