Transfers to be done in PES6


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25 April 2002
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let´s use this thread to post all the transfers that konami didn´t make in pes6 so that we have to do them! would be nice if we could use some system behind it... e.g.: van nistelrooy (man utd --> real madrid)


14 October 2004
think that transfer will be included...its more like the transfers on the last days of the transfer Kuyt to liverpool, kromkamp and kluivert to PSV..but good idea m8 but i guess this thread should be put in the editing section and not here...


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2 December 2005
It's ridiculous that Konami can't get all the transfers in when the game comes out almost two whole months after the transfer window closes.


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2 July 2005
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Why open a thread 1 month before the game is released? You don't know what transfers are done..probably van Nistelrooy is at Madrid,nobody knows because nobody has played the final version yet.


Dejan Stankovic to Portsmouth.
Ibrahimovic to Inter.
Crespo to Inter.
C.Zanetti to Juventus.
Marchionni to Juventus.
Stam to Ajax.

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3 December 2001
Racing Santander

Zigic from Red Star Belgrade to Racing Santander (Called Miruic in Serbia squad)

Scaloni from West Ham to Racing Santander (I don't see him in the Wham squad? Maybe still at Deportivo?)

Racing defender Mora - Real name is actually [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,SunSans-Regular]MORATÓN! Why Nokami? Why!?

and Marqués has left the club. Castellon I think he went to....
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3 December 2002
SL Benfica

Marcel -> OUT
Karagounis (greece) -> IN
Karyaka (Russia in pes5) -> IN


Douala -> Porstmouth
Deivid -> Fenerbahce
Alecsandro (not existing) -> IN

Paris SG:

Mbami -> Marseille
Boskovic -> OUT
Dhorasso -> garbage


Lamouchi -> OUT

Atletico Madrid:

Kezman -> Fenerbahce

That's what I saw from now

Let's make a recapitulative post in the first page of this topic, men!!!


18 November 2003
Drost, Henrico SC Heerenveen Excelsior
Grot, Giullano NEC Excelsior
Knopper, Richard Vitesse ADO Den Haag
Buikema, Roel Excelsior Gone
Arslan, Volkan Galatasaray Gone
Heinz, Marek N/A AS Saint-Etienne
Andrews, Marvin Rangers Gone
Nørregaard, Hjalte Bo SC Heerenveen FC København
Bernard, Olivier Rangers Newcastle United
Wallace, Ross Celtic Gone
Varga, Stanislav Celtic Gone
Kuqi, Shefki Blackburn Rovers Gone
Kavanagh, Graham Wigan Athletic Gone
Connolly, David Wigan Athletic Gone
Douglas, Jonathan Blackburn Rovers Gone
Volpato, Rey Juventus Gone
Suárez Mata, Mario Atlético de Madrid Gone
Chiumiento, David Juventus Gone
Nagore Arbizu, Domingo Levante U.D Gone
Sabato, Rocco Catania Gone
Legwinski, Sylvain Fulham Gone
Mellor, Neil Liverpool Gone
Todorov, Svetoslav Portsmouth Wigan Athletic
Kilbane, Kevin Everton Wigan Athletic
Cole, Andrew Manchester City Portsmouth
Routledge, Wayne Tottenham Hotspur Fulham
Malbranque, Steed Fulham Tottenham Hotspur
Southgate Middlesbrough Gone
Euell Charlton Middlesbrough
Cygan Arsenal Villareal
Rossi, Giuseppe Manchester United Newcastle United
César, Aparecido R. Inter Gone
Amoroso Dos Santos, Marcio Milan Gone
Sinama-Pongolle, Florent Liverpool R.C. Recreativo
Foggia, Pasquale Milan Lazio
den ouden den haag willem 2
Hirayama heracles Gone
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21 November 2003
Málaga (Spain)
All transfers:

N/A=the player isn´t in the game

Nombre del jugador-Equipo original-Equipo nuevo
Drost, Henrico-SC Heerenveen-Excelsior
Grot, Giullano-NEC-Excelsior
Knopper, Richard-Vitesse-ADO Den Haag
Buikema, Roel-Excelsior-Fuera
Arslan, Volkan-Galatasaray-Fuera
Heinz, Marek-N/A-AS Saint-Etienne
Andrews, Marvin-Rangers-Fuera
Nørregaard, Hjalte Bo-SC Heerenveen-FC København
Bernard, Olivier-Rangers-Newcastle United
Wallace, Ross-Celtic-Fuera
Varga, Stanislav-Celtic-Fuera
Kuqi, Shefki-Blackburn Rovers-Fuera
Kavanagh, Graham-Wigan Athletic-Fuera
Connolly, David-Wigan Athletic-Fuera
Douglas, Jonathan-Blackburn Rovers-Fuera
Volpato, Rey-Juventus-Fuera
Suárez Mata, Mario-Atlético de Madrid-Fuera
Chiumiento, David-Juventus-Fuera
Nagore Arbizu, Domingo-Levante U.D-Fuera
Sabato, Rocco-Catania-Fuera
Legwinski, Sylvain-Fulham-Fuera
Mellor, Neil-Liverpool-Fuera
Todorov, Svetoslav-Portsmouth-Wigan Athletic
Kilbane, Kevin-Everton-Wigan Athletic
Cole, Andrew-Manchester City-Portsmouth
Routledge, Wayne-Tottenham Hotspur-Fulham
Malbranque, Steed-Fulham-Tottenham Hotspur
Rossi, Giuseppe-Manchester United-Newcastle United
César, Aparecido R.-Inter-Fuera
Amoroso Dos Santos, Marcio-Milan-Fuera
Sinama-Pongolle, Florent-Liverpool-R.C. Recreativo
Foggia, Pasquale-Milan-Lazio
den ouden-ADO den haag-Willem 2
Hirayama-Heracles Almelo-Fuera
Douala-Sp. Lisboa-Porstmouth
Deivid-Sp. Lisboa-Fenerbahce
Alecsandro-N/A-Sp. Lisboa
Mbami-PSG-Ol. Marsella
Dhorasso-PSG-Fuera (despedido)
Lamouchi-Ol. Marsella-Fuera
Kezman,Mateja-Atl. Madrid-Fenerbahce
Nino-N/A (Elche)-UD Levante
Javi Guerrero-Celta-Recreativo de Huelva
Beto-N/A-Recreativo de Huelva
Juanma-Levante-Recreativo de Huelva
Gilberto Martinez-Brescia-Roma
Tristan-Deportivo de la Coruña-Mallorca
Antonio Tomas-Deportivo de la Coruña-Racing de Santander
Jesus Muñoz-Deportivo de la Coruña-Fuera
Toro Acuña-Deportivo de la Coruña-Retirado
Gallardo-Deportivo de la Coruña-Fuera
Scaloni-Deportivo de la Coruña-Racing de Santander
Alcantara-Deportivo de la Coruña-Fuera
Luis Filipe-N/A-Deportivo de la Coruña
Luyindula-Ol. Marsella-Levante
Tamas, Sebastian Gabriel-Rumania-Celta
Beto-Girondins de Burdeos-Recreativo de Huelva
Pablo Amo-N/A-Recreativo de Huelva

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