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Travel/Flights to WC2006 (for England)



This thread is to help all the England fans that are going to the World Cup but can't find flights or travel info anywhere.
If we all post/share our findings in here we can save a lot of bother and we might even find some deals.

So we have...

Frankfurt 10/06/06
Nuremburg 15/06/06
Cologne 20/06/06

I have found flights from Frankfurt to Nuremberg using Lufthansa for around 60 euros.

I have also found flights from Nuremberg to Cologne using EAE for around 80 euros but those are stand-by tickets and the availability of them is a bit suspect.

I have yet to find a decent ticket from London to Frankfurt, looking at about £100 return or £300 one way.

If anyone has got good ideas (dosn't have to be flying ones) lets get em going in here.

Come on guys lets do this....
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