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Trying to find Team Play Lobby players


9 October 2003
Hi everyone!

I'm back here since dog knows when. Bought the 2019 PC version a while ago and have been playing randomly offline and online games. I like it alright, but I'd really love to have a go at the Team Play Lobby games. I've checked out the rooms every now and then and haven't yet found a game which I was able to join to. There seem to be games going on constantly, but the rooms are password locked. Obviously the matches are being organized in some communities that I'm now trying to find.

Do you have any idea how to get in touch with people who organize and play Team Play Lobby games on PC? You guys wouldn't happen to do that, would you?

Any tips or clues would be much appreciated! Please respond here, or if you have a more direct or urgent matter, you may also contact me via Steam, where my username is vaatehuonesimo.

Thanks! :)
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