TV pundit sacked for tsunami joke

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3 July 2002
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Football pundit Rodney Marsh has been fired for making a joke about the tsunami disaster on Sky Sports.

The ex-Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers striker made a joke swapping the word "tsunami" for "Toon Army", the term for Newcastle United supporters.

A Sky Sports spokesman said: "These remarks should never have been made and Sky would like to offer its apologies to those who were offended."

"I am hugely disappointed in myself for letting them down," said Marsh, 60.

Live phone-in

Marsh made the comments during a live phone-in programme, You're on Sky Sports, on Monday.

A spokesman for the channel described the joke as "offensive and inexcusable".

"An apology was made within the programme and Rodney's comments were edited and removed from later transmissions," he said.

Marsh, who also played for Fulham and is known for his outspoken views on football, insisted he did not intend to offend viewers.

"I apologise unreservedly for any offence I caused by my thoughtless and inappropriate comment I made last night," he said.

"My intention was to make a light-hearted football joke."

Rodney, you plonker!
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