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UEFA Country Ranking 2005 (Leagues)


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I have a feeling that you opened Pandora's Box with this thread Thomas...
Our English friends are convinced that their League is the best and they won't be pleased with this ranking.
Our Italian friends will point out that there are no Spanish teams in the EC (CL and UEFA), and that that is a proof that la Liga can't be the strongest league. This is of course nonsense because if i'm not mistaken there are two Dutch teams in the last 8 in Europe which would mean that the Dutch is as strong as the Italian Serie A and the Premier league....(Everybody knows that the Dutch league is much stronger...hahaha).
This is gonna be a very long thread...
Personally if all these leagues it's the Premiership and the French league that i like most, but you simply can't compare them...
Perhaps the English is the most spectacular, the Spanish the most technic, the Italian the most tactically advanced, the French the league with the best young players and the German the one were the differences between all the clubs are small...so everybbody should be happy...(but of course the Belgian league is outstanding, far above all these others...hahahahahaha...oops, sorry, LOL)


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gerd said:
Crayon for president, let's make him mod!!!!
Cheers mate. :applause: I'm here often enough. :shock: ....and you can be my vice-President! :mrgreen:


How can they make the rankings for next season before this season has finished. Just shows what a mockery UEFA (and FIFA) make of running the game globally.
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