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Take that Mr Silva
21 June 2003
Man United
Did anyone watch Ufc 51 on bravo on sunday nite? love that shit. especially how it all ended. thats entertainment!! :) :)


2 August 2004
Yeh I did! :p I've been watching every UFC/Pride PPV for a long time now! Love MMA! (Mixed Martial Arts)

So anyways some might be wondering why I'm bumpin a thread this old but reason is before creating a "New UFC thread" I ran a search to see if we ever had one and I found out we did! One with a single post in it! :p

Wondering if anybody in UK follows UFC as I and many do here and in the states.

Tonight is UFC 59: Reality Check

Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin

Heavyweight Championship Bout:

Andrey the Pitbull Arlovski vs. Tim Sylvia!

Can't wait!


2 August 2004
I don't know. I'd like to see it too but then again the UFc/Pride games I saw before were really shit. They were just button mashing for most part maybe if they can make a good one yeah I'd like to see it.

And yup Fedor is the $hit! Too bad not a lot of MMA fans around here.

And F'n Tito stole a fight AGAIN in last ppv against Forrest! :(


8 July 2005
Suomi Finland
yeah ofcourse i expect next gen gameplay. updated graphics aint anywhere near enough to make me buy them if they make one. that total elimination absolute sounds great to put different weight class fighters on same tournament in pride.

eversince i got fight night 1 for ps2 i´ve dreamed about pride game that uses samekindof mechanics for hitting and adds kicks, locks,,, but it would be huge thing to do those with as high quality as fight night does just boxing it would take like 5 years to add those things. maybe some day.
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2 August 2004
Exactly my friend! I was gonna say it'd be awesome to have a proper intelligent gameplay on a MMA game like FN has.

Freakin Tito pissed me off though. First they screwed Vitor and now Griffin but Griffin already knew in my opinion (they had told him) that if the match gets mighty close, we'll give it to Tito so don't be shocked and act like you were screwed on TV and so he went ahead and acted cool as the bosses said.
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