UK Ladder for everyone to join


15 November 2004
Hi all,

Our ladder ( is in need of pes4 and pes5 players. I would like to invite you all to come over and give us a bash.

Our ranking system is a lot fairer than the konami inbuilt one, and is moderated, so you wont get cheated. There's a lot of features you get once signed up.

So, please give us a bash. Some of the best UK players play on it and we have a good bit of banter in the rooms, with cups going on now and then.



Ive been a member on pesladder for a few seasons now (won it last season:D!). Its really good fun and as chiz mentioned the ranking system is a lot fairer than konami! Will be good to see some new faces around and will enjoy the greater competition in the very close ladder! All the best and hope to see you soon, CCFC

The Tedster

Yeah cracking ladder league.. Really great community where we all get on most of the time ;)... I have been on there now for about 15 months and its the best ladder league around... Tho it does tend to take over your life;)


excellent ladder hi to all the members by the way. The rankings sytem is great and also dey do cups and have their own forum. They are implementing many things into the website


23 July 2004
yeh but i cant join this ladder they says only for uk that is the problme . is this for evry one couse iam not in uk can i join this league?
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