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US Version Updated Today?


3 August 2003
When I switched the game on today it downloaded an update.
Does anyone know what this update was for. I checked the names and transfers and nothing was changed.


25 April 2002
Centreville, VA (USA)
Hmmmmm...interesting. Perhaps it was an update for the online servers.

It would be nice if this updates would include a small detailed explanation on what it is that it's updating.

Hey lumlum, my gamertag is Flores06. Hit me up for a game tonight between 6pm and 10pm estern time.
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30 December 2001
Indiana USA (Scottish)
Nottingham Forest
The update was a $60 dollar return to your credit cards on Xbox live.
Its Konamis attempt at an apology for buying the worst footy game available to date :).


I read on xbox.com that the update fixed the online lag and offline framerate drops when there are a lot of people on the screen.
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