Using Logitech pad on pro evo 4


13 August 2003
Cardiff, Wales
Can you use a logitech pad plugged into the usb. I got the demo and you cant use it at all. Very anoying. Can you use it on the full game?


League 2
14 July 2003
yes mr nellio that one works in pes4. Although i had the version withouth force feedback.
But i must agree with BooQy that those logitech gamepads are crap. Mine left analogue stick lost calibration after a short time. And this is an common problem with these gamepads.


I'm new to this forum, and i only recently purchased pro ev soccer 4 for pc and i just bought a playstation to usb converter so i can use my playstation controller for pc, haven't arrived yet, but hope it works well!
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