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Valencia glitch in PES6?


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5 August 2005
Spurs, Suns and Cowboys
Has anyone else noticed that when your in master league and you play Valencia that they NEVER use Joaquin or Vicente? Also when you go and check their team (like you want to make a bid for one of their players) the same two players are always at the bottom of the squad list.

When the game came out one of the first things i did was to put Joaquin and Vicente in Valencia's starting line up yet in ML they never play.

I have changed many teams starting line ups and whenever i start a new ML it is correct...except for Valencia, is it a glitch?


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30 August 2005
NOT Lombardia NA.
I don't know exactly the reason, but it seems to me that every PES game uses to "re-arrange" the starting lineup by itself during ML matches, doesn't matter the formation or the lineup you set in edit mode..

It goes this way since PES3, I remember I ued to play with Veneto (Chievo) and when I played against Azur (AS Monaco) in ML, Roma was ALWAYS sitting on the bench, even if in friendly and in other modes he was in the starting lineup..


"Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can't Lose."
5 August 2005
Spurs, Suns and Cowboys
i remember when that used to happen also but in PES6 it seems like only Valencia's team changes and ive changed a lot of teams formations.


22 April 2007
Ontario, Canada.
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True, whenever I played Arsenal in PES6, Mort Poom was their keeper, and Lehmann was either on the bench, or he was in the midfield one game. No word of a lie, it was very strange. Only happened once though.
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