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Virtual Reality - Play the game while floating anywhere in the stadium


13 December 2005
- You can see your controller in hands. When a match starts to load, you find yourself surrounded by fans as the stadium becomes populated with the loading. The pitch is empty but you can see the players start to emerge from the tunnel amid a roaring crowd in 3D audio. The crowds immediately around you are highly detailed, and their features and clothes are procedurally generated for variety from one match to the other.

- As the game starts, you have the option of having your seat levitate from the crowds, and float towards the pitch where you get a view similar in proportions to TV/Wide cam, but with a much wider field of view. Your levitating seat can either stay fixed over the sideline in the middle of the pitch, or it can slowly move along the sides with the shifts in play.

- Whenever a goal is scored, your chair goes into the pitch and flies by the celebrating players. You have the option to fly anywhere into the pitch and rewatch the goal from any angle, at any speed.

- If you're playing online multiplayer, you can see the other player sitting on his floating chair, wherever he located it in the stadium. You can see his head and controller move just as it is in real life.

- The audio is 3D, and kicks closer to where you're located are louder. You can tell where a chant is coming from in the stadium, and can see the crowds of the winning side do a mexican wave when you look around.

- Substitutions happen via a pop-up menu that shows up from your controller. When you select a player in the mini-map, he gets highlighted on the pitch, or on the bench. When you confirm a substitution, you can see the player jump off, take off his jacket and warm up on the sideline.

- The wider field of view and freedom to look around makes you notice things you never would otherwise, like players rushing to have a word with the manager when the play is away. Grabbing water and drinking it. Gesturing to the crowds....etc.

- When you're managing a game (not playing it), you get a view from the sideline as if you're standing in the manager's allocated area. If you're playing with a platform that supports roomscale, you can walk around in this area while playing.

- Online spectators can join in, and be seated together where they can hear each other and react loudly to the action.

- The players are aware of your location, and will sometimes gesture towards you to request subs, or when celebrating or conceding goals.

- The view you're seeing is streamed on TV for others to watch, or they can put on a GearVR-esque device and join you on the game (needs powerful GPU though)

- VR needs animation continuity i.e. Players cannot magically teleport for celebrations or objection "cinematic" sequences after fouls.
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