Walcott stats update?


12 September 2003
Yokohama, Japan
Has anyone attempted to update his stats or know where this has already been done. Can't find a thread for it or is it in edit? Have a feeling his stats are a bit low in WE10. :D



Serie A
18 August 2004
He is only 17 and has never played in the premiership

Why would you increase his stats, even Sven said he has no idea how good this kid is going to be

He might not even play in the WC, and if he does he might be total pants!


12 December 2002
Little Mancunia
Just for updating.I'll post Theo Walcott's appearence.
Face - Preset
Skin Colour - 2
Head Height - -7
Head Width - -2
Face Type - 80
Eye Colour - 1,Dark Grey

Type - Buzz Cut
Shape - 3
Front - 1
Darkness - 1

Height - 178
Weight - 70

Leg Lenght - +2

Boots - Nike Vapors


15 April 2003
Apparently, he's faster than Henry in speed trials. His physical stats would be the ONLY thing I would change, if any.


Rooneys mentor
2 August 2003
To be fair, he's gonna be better than his stats on the game. He would not have been picked otherwise, Erikson has seen him play for the reserves and he stands out like a sore thumb. He's the fastest player I,ve seen, faster than Lennon at Totenham. He's our secret weapon for the wc.

one of the pes5 mem card edits has a great version of him, proper face and good stats as in fast. bought him in master league and he became top scorer.
I think it was the last pesfan card


Killa Bee.
28 March 2005
lol. At least we know on the next pro evo we will definatly see a BOOST in stats, robinho-esque. I guarantee it. Just cos he plays for a big club now nd hs bin picked by Sven, shame hargreeaves wont get same treatment. lol hargeaves wt a joke!


12 September 2003
Yokohama, Japan
He ain't half bad even with current stats on WE10 will alter appearence straight away. But yes i agree he must be special, else why would he have gone. He is obviously lightning fast as well. Watch out for him in the first friendly then tell me his stats don't need an update ;-)


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27 April 2002
Joey23 said:
He is a new Ronaldo??:lol: :lol: :mrgreen:
You havnt seen whats been said about his pace over here in England

one quote was "if he ran over a puddle he wouldnt make a splash"


2 July 2004
I think head number 63 or 11 fits much better than head 80, look at his pic and see for yourself..., correct stats is 176 height and 68 weight...


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1 October 2003
Manchester United
I wonder if Heskey would have got a stat boost if he was called up to the England squad. :roll:
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