Want to buy a football jersey. I Need advice!


31 January 2004
I already own an England jersey (Umbro, bought in Japan in 2002), a Japan national team (beautiful Adidas, bought in Japan 2002), and a AC Milan 2003 (Adidas).

My question is the following... I am looking forward to buying a Manchester United 2006 jersey and the Italy national team for the World cup. However I have some doubts...

First... when I bought the japan jersey, it wasn't just the blue jersey but also a white linen beneath it that catches sweat (because of this this it my favorite jersey). No other jersey I ever bought (not even other Adidas) have this. I remember the shirt cost me more than usual, but I keep wondering what it is.

Second... many people on eBay say the jerseys they sell are original replicas. So, aren't there original "original" jerseys??? Are all jerseys on the market "replicas"?

third... How trustworthy can eBay be??? I bought my Milan shirt from there for a very good price ($35) and to this date I'm not sure if it's an original adidas product. It was a standarised size (no S M L, just "standard"). But it seems like it's very good quality.

Fourth... where do you people buy your jerseys from? Can you recommend a place?

Thank you everyone in advance for helping me with this.


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24 December 2002
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The Japan jersey you have is a players edition. Replicas look the same but don't have the characteritics of a players version. Player editions usually have a printed badge whereas a replica has an embroidered badge.

eBay cannot be trusted one bit. It's entirely at your discretion though.

www.subsidesports.com or www.uksoccershop.com are two of the best sites to get football tops from (player editions and replicas)
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