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i just saew this from operationsports forums, posted by AtXj

I just discovered CoolStreaming. It's an app that streams video kind of like BitTorrent. For the first few minutes, the stream is pretty crappy...but after that, it gets solid. Also, the more people on the stream, the better the performance. There were about 11000 online for the S Korea v Uzbekistan game, and the stream was great.

It streams a bunch of Chinese stations (mainland and Hong Kong), and they love their soccer. There were a ton of WC qualifiers on last weekend...I got to watch Japan v Bahrain, Iran v N Korea, S Korea v Uzbekistan, Croatia v Bulgaria, Holland v Romania, Argentina v Ecuador, Brazil v Paraguay, etc. all on CCTV-5. They've also got a few other sports channels (ESPN Hong Kong, UBC Supersport, etc.).

Wednesday's soccer schedule for one of the channels (CCTV-5) is the following (EST):


9pm - Peru v Paraguay


6:30am - Japan v N Korea
10:40 - Iran v Bahrain
1:45pm - Kuwait v S Korea
2:30pm - Germany v Russia
4:00pm - Colombia v Ecuador
7:00pm - Chile v Venezuala
9:00pm - Argentina v Brazil

It can be downloaded here:

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