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WE 10 - Official International Challenge Thread


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30 December 2001
Indiana USA (Scottish)
Nottingham Forest
Thought it would be nice to have a thread dedicated to the International Challenge for those who wont play the Master League until the teams have proper kits etc.

Scotland, 6 Stars Difficulty, Auto-save on.


Qualifying Stage
Scotland, France, Turkey, Austria

First team to ever Qualify for the playoffs by scoring 1 goal lol.


Playoff Stage
Denmark, Scotland, Czech Republic, Italy

Beat Italy 2-0 Away in last game to Qualify, Only a win would have seen me through.


World Cup Group Stage.
France, Peru, Scotland, South Africa

Another tough group losing to France in first game means i have to win against Peru and S Africa end up winning group on Goals scored.


World Cup Tournament.

Second Round
Scotland 2-0 Costa Rica

Quarter Final
Netherlands 0-1 Scotland

Semi Final (finally beat my bogey team)
France 1-2 Scotland

Brazil 1-2 Scotland




League 2
6 June 2005
If I knew someone would make a thread like this I would have taken pictures in my International Challange but I already finished it but I remember the results:

Qualifying Stage:

Scotland - Netherlands 0-3
Netherlands - Norway 2-1
Romania - Netherlands 1-2
Netherlands - Scotland 4-0
Norway - Netherlands 4-2
Netherlands - Romania 5-0

World Cup Group Stage:

Netherlands - USA 4-1
Netherlands - Ireland 1-0
Netherlands - Iran 2-2

Knock Out Tournament:

Netherlands - Korea 2-1
Netherlands - Sweden 4-1
Netherlands - Norway 4-4 (6-4 after extra time)


Netherlands - England 5-3 (I was 1-3 down after 30 mins :p)


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24 December 2002
California, USA
Liverpool FC
Do they still play the world cup games in the Japanese stadia only ?

Yeah, I plan to start this pretty soon....just need to pick a team.
Thinking of a licensed team...but there are'nt many....


30 May 2003
WE Heaven
Only 4 team groups in the Euro qualifications? What bullshit...

I played with Paraguay so I had one group with all the SA teams. I finished that in 3rd behind Argentina and Brazil.

In the WC, I placed 2nd behind Spain.

In the final round I had to replay against France like a hundred times. Too hard. Then I had trouble with Brazil and England.

Without reloading, my adventure would have ended in 1/16 WC.


11 November 2001
I did one of these almost as soon as the initial translation patch was out, took Serbia & Montenegro to the last 8 before Australia papped me out!

Twice tried to do it with Spain but each time finished in 2nd spot in the qualifiers so had to go to a playoff, which I couldn't be arsed playing. Since when did the playoffs involve a whole other group stage? And also agree with Jumbo on the qualifying setup, groups of 4 teams, complete and utter joke.


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30 December 2001
Indiana USA (Scottish)
Nottingham Forest
Yeah its very difficult especially with Scotland i have only got past the playoffs twice and the first time i got beat in the world cup by Togo after being 1-nil up.

But my team seamed to improve the further i got in the tournament maybe just my imagination?.

But France are a solid team to beat i have only beat them once


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24 December 2002
California, USA
Liverpool FC
Yeah, I noticed the 4 teams only...that's kinda lame...
also the playoffs are really stupid....

I started mine with England,
in a group with Israel, Portugal, Switzerland.
Two matches to go, I need to win both to make sure
of top spot, or win one and get into the playoffs.


21 March 2004
Man Utd
Yeah this is quite a nice feature. Naturally I started with England, with Italy, Russia and Turkey in my group. Beat everyone but lost to Italy away, so went to playoff becasue of goal difference. Won all games and then done WC. That was pretty tough, I beat Brazil easy on my first go, but couldn't beat Holland in my first, they are one hard team.

How did you guys play your squad? For the easy games, I played the non-first team players like:

That meant my main team won't ahve fatigue for the main games, i.e. the big guns. I played 5*

That 6* with Scotland looks tough, maybe a bit too hard for me, but I will see.


Champions League
24 December 2002
California, USA
Liverpool FC
Needed to beat Portugal by 2 clear goals in Lisbon to top the group,
but won 2:1, so Portugal topped on goal diff.
so England are in the playoffs....
Owen is out injured, so Defoe/Crouch comes in.
In the playoffs, with Greece, Germany and Ireland.....should be some
cracking games !!


22 December 2005
Can anyone tell me how to start an International Challenge without the translation patch? I'm stumped.


9 January 2002
Playing on 5* at the mo, not got enough WEN to open 6*.

However, on my 1st attempt, I failed. Playing as Iran I managed to scrape past the initial qualifying rounds. Got past the qualifying rounds but faced off to Italy, where I was whooped 5-1, was terrorised by Vieri in the air.

However, I've started up a Nippon Challenge (Same thing really).

Asian qualifiers involved S.Arabia, Iraq and Jordan.

Lost my 1st 2 games (S.Arabia and Iraq), but got off the mark after that and qualified. The turning point was bringing in Inamoto as a holding midfielder, the guy has been brilliant so far, with Nakata joining Nakamura as one of the 2 OM.

Was defeated 1-0 by Togo in the Kirin Cup (1st match).

world cup group consisted of Germany, Chile and Mexico. Beat Mexico 1-0, then drew 0-0 with Germany and finished off with a 3-2 defeat by Chile, but luckily Germany slipped up and I qualified. Takahara scored in each of the 2 games with goals, with Hirayama bagging the other (his 1st for Japan so far for me at that point). Inamoto once again proved inspirational, along with Nakata.

However faced off against none other than Brazil, without my suspended captain Nakata. After a sticky start, Takahara played a 1-2 with Hirayama and slotted it past the goalie, then terrible play by Brazil and Hirayama intercepting a stray pass he ran in and blasted the ball in off the bar.

Held off for half-time. I brought on Yanagisawa (sp?) for Hirayama after about 60mins. A great cross from Inamoto and Yanigasawa slotted it away, then Tanaka got free on the wing and with Yanigasawa free in the middle with Brazil chasing the game a low pass into the box and it was 4-0. :D

Final score 4-0.

Now I face off in the QF against S.Korea. Only Italy and Spain are left of the big boys, with Sweden awaiting one of us in the semis.



Champions League
24 December 2002
California, USA
Liverpool FC
I was playing on 5* with Holland, but failed to qualify on GD, from a tricky group with Czech and Romania.

Then moved down to 4*, and every game was 3:3 and 2:2..
Stopped playing for a week....

Re-started a Nippon challenge, with Japan in 2nd spot behind Iran.
First match lost 1:0 away to Bahrain. Then beat UAE 2:0 away.
Then drew at home 1:1 with Iran in an entertaining game
Took revenge on Bahrain beating them thanks to a last-minute winner
from Takahara who is the top scorer with 3 goals.
Now we face UAE at home and Iran away in what should be the group


9 January 2002
Got past S.Korea 3-1 after going down 1-0 early on.

Moved onto Sweden and was down 2-0 after about 30mins, with Ibrahimovic scoring from a header at a corner and Kallstrom scoring a sensational free-kick.

I managed to get a goal late on in the 2nd half, but that was me out.

Faced off to Italy in the 3rd place play-off and Gilardino bagged a hat-trick in a 5-3 win for Italy.



2 August 2004
I like this mode. Nice new addition. Played as Czech republic for a while and it was fun how I could "name the squad" (forgot if it was 23 or 25 or something) out of all the possible Czech players and then go to match, play and etc.! :)

Fun stuff.


10 May 2005
I just reached the final..
i play with england...
i have to play against france; seems they are impossible to beat????in the qualifying impossible two beat ukraine, two draws agains them
then in the world cup had ghana, korea and greece, won all three ghana second.
on the knock out stage:
england - australia 3-0 with 9 men
england argentina 4-2 (with 10 men)
england switzerland 2-1
now have to win france :(
the best way two win, conceal the ball secure the ball as much as i can.. 71% ball possesion against argentina.
i play long matches, 30 minutes 5 stars
what do you get when you win it?
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