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WE 10 - Yellow/Red Card question


A gooner till i die!
20 August 2005
i've been playing this game since pro evolution 3 but there is one problem i keep getting everytime i play this game.

When i'm one on one with the keeper and i get fouled from behind, be it a sliding challenge or a strech of the leg, using x, it should be a straight red card but this never seems to be the case. has this been fixed in Winning Eleven 10? its really annoying when i'm playing my mates especially.


18 June 2003
Planet Moufa
Using the X button hasn't resulted in a red card for me since yesterday when I got the game and I also think it would be very unusal to see that ever happen.

But, yesterday in my first match with my mate I got 2 red cards for two tackles from the side!!!The were also my only two tackles in the whole game!So I guess the refery has a lot to do about that.

That's not something to consider though.What's really worring is the keepers...they are simply the worst ever!


2 August 2003
I thought they had it right in PES5 when it comes to yellow and red cards, but in WE10 they seem to almost randomize which card you get, it's very annoying.


Champions League
19 May 2004
the problem i find with WE games is the CPU never get yellow cards let alone red!
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