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WE is gona resemble FIFA


  • YES

    Votes: 7 22.6%
  • NO

    Votes: 24 77.4%

  • Total voters
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what do you think?
now in WE9, with scriptedful movement and powerful-from-anywhere-shots, i think WE is going to the same direction as FIFA, more arcadey and aptly to gamers, not footballers


Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
is this the yearly FIFA-intruder who will be banned in a couple of weeks, or is it just a not too bright thread???


12 December 2001
I think this sort of thread is really pointless. You've already used our complaints thread several times, why don't you just stick to that one? Spreading your disgust and even creating a poll for it makes me ask myself why you still care at all instead of just staying away from WE9.


2 August 2003
i voted yes.

this is because, i think, theyre doing what FIFA do now, theyre just ever so slightly adding gimmicky features which havent all been implemented thoroughlly enough.

we9i / le will be better


7 October 2002
ridiculous post and opinion. Polls should really be restricted by moderators. Do we have each year to cope with these kids crying all over forums because they had to relearn once again how to play WE? jeee...

WE9 has flaws? sure it has! but it's damn the best WE ever by far. The time you loose crying in foruns could be better spent... practicing.


7 October 2002
kevano22 said:
haha whose crying here?

the guy has a genuine question, do we think its going down the EA path?

obviously not!

WE9 was going down the FIFA path if Konami kept introducing ridiculous "combo tekken style" dribbles and an overal sense of easier dribbling, like so many kids whished for. Thankfully they stopped that (for the time being).

How can anyone speak about arcade when passes are more difficult than ever? dribbling is harder yet more rewarding since it's much more about timing than combo moves.

When one sees such a magic game like WE9, that corrects all the awful mistakes of we8 and pes4, and then one sees such a thread I can only think of an excuse: difficulty in coping with friends' victories :). Deal with it, it's not the game's fault.


C Dub
Founding Member
6 October 2001
FIFA will resemble WE from what I have read. EA are re-writing the code so that the game more resembles the WE series of games. They have said as much themselves
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