We need Fernando....desperately


League 1
25 September 2003
Im sooo disappointed there hasnt been a patch of any sort! I was waiting months for one but to no avail... does anyone no of even a french one or spanish patch as was mentioned before?? at least id be able to read some of it!!


2 August 2004
Lelegrifo I appreciate your efforts but this is probably not the way to get in touch with Fernando. You should pm or email him and even then I wouldn't get my hopes up. He's busy and don't think will translate this game. HE's just taken a break and we'll need him for WE9 again so lets give him a break as much as I want this game :(

Reefur said he might translate this after his WE8LE patch but I really don't know how certain that is so I do appreciate you and Yakazan and other guy's efforts but this is probably not the way to bump bump for Fernando to see.

take care

plus lot of people are disappointed I mean Alberto Tomba bought the game thinking there'd DEFINTELY be a patch out like all the other games.. but no patch and so basically his money gone down the shithole. I on the other hand waited till I knew about a patch before I get it so I still haven't got it as there's no point playin in Japanese but was looking forward to this for months.
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