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I've come back to playing PES on the PS2 after loooong hiatus, and I've noticed that something seems to be really screwed up with the difficulty levels in this latest version. I started a ML with the default ML players at "Professional" level (I used to play WE10 at 5* so I figured this would be the equivalent level in PES 2007). After two seasons I could barely keep my team afloat -- I won just 4 games and had to do a lot of wheeling and dealing just to pay the players' salaries. Towards the end of the second season with a few decent players in the squad I couldn't buy a goal and was getting hammered almost every week.

During the off-season I set up a bunch of friendlies against top teams (Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, etc) and bumped the difficulty level down to "Regular". First game I beat Man Utd 4-2. And it was comfortable, too -- I mean I was waltzing through their defence like they weren't there and getting 1-on-1 opportunities almost at will. It was like my bunch of average stiffs had suddenly become Real Madrid overnight.

Has anyone else noticed this? I'm a bit concerned that I won't enjoy either difficulty level in this version.


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The levels are identicle to those in previous games they just had to take the most difficult level out due to problems with the port to the xbox 360 thats why 6 star is back in WE10JL.


2 November 2006
I have PES6 on PS2 in Europe, it's the same here...Isn't there a way to cope with this? I am really starting to hate PES6 in Master League...I mean this game is only playable against another person!
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