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WE/PES: Best selling footy series in the world!



Just read a report in PSW that sales reports from Japan indicate that the Pro Evolution Soccer / Winning Eleven series boasts annual sales of more than 7m copies worldwide!

That overtakes EA's Fifa series making it the best selling footy game series in the world! Obviously Fifa still outsells PES in the UK, which imo indicates that a majority of the UK and parts of europe have the worst taste in footy games ;)

Happy its been announced as we can dismiss all the claims of PES/WE being less popular in the gaming world.

Time to get those licenses now Konami, you've got the money to do so :)


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I doubt they sell more than Fifa world wide and konami only has a few sport titles where the money comes compare that to EA they have there own sport brand.


I remember when i got ISS Pro Evolution on PS1 (played ISS long before i got it) and everyone i knew played FIFA but now i cant think of anyone who plays FIFA, all converted to PES/WE. Used to get blank stares when i told people in school how good the new PES was :(


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Would be a lot higher, but most of Asia bar the "modern" ones like Japan sell pirated games freely.


1 September 2002
I think the name is part of the problem. If you didnt know what it was like, looking at the name Pro Evolution Soccer is enough to put anyone off.


Noted said:
I think the name is part of the problem. If you didnt know what it was like, looking at the name Pro Evolution Soccer is enough to put anyone off.
Exactly, couldnt agree more.

But it would be wrong to change the name now, as its becoming more and more recognisable. People are catching on that PES is the best footy games series, its only a matter of time before it conquers all.

Imo it depends on the next gen versions of Fifa & PES/WE. If Fifa put out another half arsed version then Konami will walk it. The graphics of PES 360 already look a million times better than the two 360 versions EA has 'treated' us to. And we already know which series has the better gameplay ;)


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7 October 2004
an interesting read there adonis, until your last sentence! getting licenses is not just about having money you know! there are contracts and all sorts of legal stuff involved...

it's not like just going into a shop and buying a toblerone :lmao:


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29 January 2006
ashmufc said:
Would be a lot higher, but most of Asia bar the "modern" ones like Japan sell pirated games freely.
Ur spot on there mate, you cant even imagine the level of piracy here in south east asia, most of the games are here 2-3 weeks before the release of the game.

Anyway, I dont care, as I get my games from play-asia


27 October 2001
measure one thing and another.

I was actually thinking about this a little while ago. Regardless whether it sells better than Fifa, Konami still had quite a breakthrough the past few years with winning eleven, specially since they went multi-consol. I know plenty will disagree, and I know some feel the same, that the series also worsened when it comes to certain aspects of the game while some more comercial aspects improved. I actually belive going multi-consol is a great cause for, what I would call a worsener game code; a less balanced game, less challanging and rewarding game. Kcet while working on the series on psx had a limited crowd to please. They were completely incompetent when it came to comercial aspects of the game: licenses, different game modes, marketing etc. etc. But the gameplay was something new, it had its flaws, but you could always tell they'd tried to make the game as balanced and rewarding as possibly - try comparing playign on all them different difficult-modes on recent and past version, for one of many examples.

This isnt some whining though, its not worth whining about, its all perfectly normal. Konami are a cooporation who wants to make money and thats how it is. They're no different than anyone else. Its just a few thoughts, rather pointless ones, I suppose as well.

And I wouldnt dare to say I speak for everyone. I know there's plenty of people who dont feel the same, who no longer can pick up the iss pro 2, since playing the recent versions - and not only due to wrong roosters, lack of teams, licences, poor graphics, etc. etc. But I also know there's people who feel the same, who just dont bother with the series any more and rather play on the psx. I'm personally playing a psx version, WE2002 (WE6) which I thoroughly enjoy. Regarldess, I think I speak for everyone that it time for something new, something absolutely rewamped. I'd also say this would benefit from only having a go at the new ps3 with the next version. But of course its just a theory, and a selfish idea at that.

anyhow, anyhow.
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I do agree with your concerns bulldrig.

When a game goes from being a classic only a minority of people knew about to a world best seller the developers have added pressure. They probably take less risks which means differences between versions becomes minimal.
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