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WE: Pro Evolution 2007, in game ranking. [PS2]


Brazilian showman
19 February 2003
Does anyone care about their rankings here? the one you get when playing online?

On the same day the game got released, i bought the game, so just i could try to do a good job at that ranking.

i started out good, then had some bad moments, where a lost 2 in a row, but now im back on track. Now im rank number 7, but i dont see myself getting to the top, because i know for sure, the first top4 cheat to stay on top.

the number 1, has 125 wins , 0 loss, 0 ties, and his average conceded goal is 0.02. must be cheating.

same goes for some top 5,6.

to know if someone is cheating. check their average goals, if its above 0.90 i dont think this person is cheating. check if you see playing against other teams. also, check how many losses they have.

i cared about the rankings, but i guess im starting to change my mind. wish konami would dosomething to preevent something like that.


League 2
6 August 2003
New Jersey
AS Roma
I personally do not care about the rakings because of that. I just play it to have fun. My record sucked in we9i and will probbaly suck in this one too but I just play for fun.

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