We the Ewo-Web community need to do something regarding WE9I Online Play



There is alot of young kids playing online and it really gets frustrating when you try to play a nice football game and when you finally find someone to play with at the end they choose only the strong teams and it doesn't matter how good you are your chances of winning are slim to none. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done regarding this so we as a community here and at Soccer Gaming need to come together and do something about it and thats just playing eachother and people that you do know.

Not disrispect any people from South America but since I started playing WE9 online it seems like they are the only ones who lag, disconnect, and choose big strong, well known teams.. I really don't care about my rankins and points but it gets me mad when I lose games because of stupid immature morons.

Last night for example I played this kid called Bandit21. His rankings are pretty good BUT he only plays with Argentina, Brazil etc.. so it was me (Croatia) vs him (Argentina)..He won 0-1 but the kid didn't have any skills whatsoever except using lame counter attacks everytime..its like playing CPU with bad AI. I swear to god I could'of won that game but every time I move forward and come close to his goal it starts to LAG and its not a slowdown or a stutter.. its cuz he's laggin on purpose..but when he comes near my goal everything is smooth .. coinsidence ?

So lets stop these people who have no football skills whatsoever and organize our own "online gang".


10 December 2005
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I know what you're saying. I'd really like to play some games using Wigan, Nice,... smaller teams that are fun to watch and can produce a joy to play with in PES5. But due to a reason you wrote I don't even bother playing online anymore so I gave my password and serial to a friend of mine so he can play.

I'd really like to play a lot of matches using smaller teams, though.


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1 October 2003
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For too long, we let liars and cheaters make a fool of this game.


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7 June 2003
thats what multiplayer is... u have to live with it... every game has some bastards who spoil the game like using aimbot, wallhack and say that they pros and not cheating... comeon, who are u kidding? i had a guy whos shots were 99% on target, yet he laughs when i call him a cheat

maybe that guy u played with had a mass ping program to make u lag.. haha u'll nv know for sure if he is cheating
its ok if my opponent chooses best team... all the better there is more challenge, even if i lose 1-0 i would'nt be ashamed of, its like japan against italy, 1-0 lost is still a good score for japan
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13 April 2005
Yesterday I played some guy who chose Argentina, so I chose Netherlands, this guy, was bad.. Like real bad, so bad that he kept giving the ball to C. Delgado thinking he's Maradona, but for some reason I couldn't do anything right. He won 2-0 and since I couldnt do anything rite I just gave up after the first goal. After that match I was done, just got off the online mode. When I play I usually pick Barcelona or Argentina, that's because Ronaldinho is my favorite player and I'm argentinian, I even have it on my online profile, but if you choose a weak team, I will choose a team around the same range...

EDIT: If some1 picks Brazil, just pick Brazil or RM, thats what I do.. They pick Brazil cuz they suck, and it bothers me, because they pick Brazil and don't even know how to use it.


30 May 2003
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yo Johan, good games last nite. great goals man.

you people better watch out for this kid coz his long range shootin is nasty as hell. every other shot goes in.


jumbo said:
yo Johan, good games last nite. great goals man.

you people better watch out for this kid coz his long range shootin is nasty as hell. every other shot goes in.

Lol, what the heck.. I lost 4 straight games .. so its realy 1-4 for you.. I got you one game with penalties lol..but the last game I'm really bad with AC Milan thats why I never with them.. but man you gotta admit those goals should be in hall of fame or something..I mean first that goal as C.Republic and then sick FK with Pirlo.. :lmao:

tell you what.. you still owe me games :lol:

PS tell your friends about me..I wanna play some skilled folks.. you and scaryice are the only ones who I like to play with.


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21 February 2003
This is exactly why we have the Online Tag name list stickied on the top of this forum, so you can avoid the morons and stick with fellow members of E-W.

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